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Flexi Rod Size Variations. Similar to perm rods, flexi rods come in various sizes and colors, each affecting the size and style of curls produced. When selecting a flexi rod size, consider the desired type of curl and how long you want the style to last. Jumbo flexi rods (normally purple or blue): Ideal for achieving a wavy look in the hair.

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Perm rods and how to know what size you need

The sizes of perm rods range from two inches to even 10 inches. Therefore, you now know what is the diversity in getting a perm hairstyle. Not only perms rods are used only on medium-length to long hair, but you can use them for every length of hair. It is generally a hair curler that is used for curling your hair and giving you a beach-ready look.

Perm rods come in different shapes and sizes.

The rods used for spiral perms are usually on the smaller side and applied vertically rather than horizontally. "The curls are normally tighter and last longer due to the thinner perm rods used," says Lara. "This will give a fuller, longer look to the hair."

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1.2K 67K views 3 years ago THE GUIDE - Step-by-step guides for the perming process, including technique, sectioning, wrapping, and processing the hair. Everything you need to know about - Cold Wave.

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Then, your stylist chooses the appropriate perm rod size based on your desired results. Roll: Next, your stylist parts and wraps your hair around the rods. Perm solution application: A perm solution will be applied to each rod and left on for 10 to 30 minutes to develop.

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1. Small Perm Rods Small perm rods have a diameter of a half-inch or less. The following rods produce tight curls and flowing ringlets: 3/8-inch perm rods: Use this size for the tightest corkscrew curls available. 7/16-inch perm rods: Great for very tight curl results, these rods can also create spiral curls on medium to long hair lengths.

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9 Authors What Is a Perm? Perm is short for "permanent hairstyle" or "permanent wave." This is because perms, particularly those you get from salons, involve changing your hair's structure and texture to add curls or waves to it.

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1. Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)/Short Afro If you have a TWA, the red perm rods (which are the smallest perm rods), are the most suitable for your natural hair. If your natural hair is short but a bit longer than a TWA (2 - 4 inches), the blue and pink perm rods will help you achieve tight curls. 2. Medium Length Hair

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What are the Different Perm Rod Sizes? Curl Results Based on Perm Rod Sizes Small and Tight Medium and Sophisticated Huge and Modish Yes, Your Perm Rods Differ in Shape! Concave Straight Bender Loop Which Size of Perm Rods is Perfect for Your Curls? Final Words Cold Wave Perm vs. Digital Perm

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This pictorial summarizes how to get the best rod sets hairstyle. You can use whatever product you have in stock. In case your hairstyle didn't turn out to look great the first time, be willing to keep trying. A lot of YouTubers will try a hairstyle a few times before doing a video about it.

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Red: Red rods are the smallest in size and are typically reserved for short hair lengths to achieve tight, kinky curls. These rods are commonly used for hair lengths less than 2 to 2-1/2 inches. Blue: Blue rods are larger than red rods and can be used on very short hair lengths to create larger curls.

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This kind of perm will look more relaxed when the hair is wet but can create nice prominent waves when it dries. A traditional perm will likely look more curly when wet but the curls will loosen as the hair dries. This type of perm comes with a larger price tag. Most salons start at around $250-$300 for a digital perm.

How to roll hair with Perm rods and Different Perm rod sizes

Brace yourself and bring a good book because a perm can take up to two hours. "First, hair is set on rods based on the size of the curl that you desire, then a perm solution is applied over the rollers," says O'Connor. "This changes the hair structure and reshapes it to take on the curl size of the roller it's been set on."

Perm rod curl sizes Natural hair styles, Hair styles, Curly hair styles

So, what are the perm rod sizes for beach waves? The best rod sizes for beach waves in long hair are the medium to jumbo sized ones. The bigger the rod, the looser your waves will be. However, if you have short hair, you may want to consider small to medium rods.

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Hey everyone! Here's a video on perm rod sizes and results. I know sometimes it's hard to decide which one to get bc you don't know what type of curl you'll.

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